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Antiperspirants & Natural Soaps | Sweat Solution

Explore SWEAT GUARD®'s premium range! Fight excessive sweat & odour with our UK-made antiperspirants & natural soap bars. Transform your confidence today!

SWEAT GUARD® Extreme provides the Ultimate in Excessive Sweating and Body Odour protection.

The best Antiperspirant for excessive armpit sweating. Will get your armpits dry or your money back.

SWEAT GUARD SPRAY: The New Standard in Maximum Strength, Versatile Antiperspirant Sprays.

Handmade, deodorant soap bar with natural essential oils. A Unique formula for people with excessive sweating and body odour.

Aloe vera soothes, moisturises, cools and can help regulate excessive sweating. Fights body odour - stops bacteria breaking down.