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Banish underarm sweat patches with SWEAT GUARD's antiperspirant roll on.
Know your Sweat Guard antiperspirant with out targeted sweat defence guide.
The Sweat Guard Targeted Sweat Defence Guide.
Sweat Guard® is exclusively only available direct from this store - we are the creators and manufacturers.
Manage excessive sweating with SWEAT GUARD's antiperspirant stick. A roll on antiperspirant.
SWEAT GUARD Underarm is a strong antiperspirant made in the UK.
SWEAT GUARD antiperspirants don't contain aluminium chloride.
The best antiperspirant for underarm sweating.
SWEAT GUARD helps when excessive sweating goes beyond normal.

SWEAT GUARD® Underarm Antiperspirant - Roll On 50ml

Maximum effect for excessive sweating


What Our Customers Say

“Changed my life for the better...”

“Nothing had worked, but this does...”

“Reversed years of troubles and worries...”

“I can now wear what I want and not worry about sweat patches...”

“Works fast, lasts and unlike others doesn't burn...”

Product Information

You Are The Judge

If you suffer from huge wet patches that are bigger than your hands and everything has failed you, SWEAT GUARD® is for you. Imagine going from the daily embarrassment of huge sweat patches draining your confidence to having underarms so dry that you dare raise your arms for the first time in years. On the other hand, if you simply want to cut to the chase and use the most effective antiperspirant available SWEAT GUARD® is for you.

Imagine being able to buy colourful shirts without having to go for the usual sweat-hiding white. We are so confident that YOU can become dry that we empower you to be the judge - if for any reason you are not happy, return it to SWEAT GUARD® and get your money back.

You Are In The Exclusive Store Of The Creator and Manufacturer

As we are NOT on the high street, well done and thank you for finding us. If SWEAT GUARD® was sold on the high street, the price would be much higher as the retailers would need to add their profit onto our €31,10. So we are happy to give you the best possible price of €31,10. SWEAT GUARD® is exclusively only available direct from this store - we are the creators and manufacturers.

You Will Only Know If You Use It

Tens of thousands benefit from SWEAT GUARD®, but what can get you dry is what is important for you. We are sure that you can relate to the comments from our Reviewers at the bottom of this page and hope that you benefit from their heartfelt stories. But only by actually using SWEAT GUARD® underarm can you take the plunge from simply hoping something might eventually work, to living the dream.

Ingredients: Aqua, Aluminium Zirconium Tetrachlorohydex Gly, Alcohol Denat, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Triethanolamine.

Money Back Guarantee

Our founder spent a lifetime struggling with the embarrassment of excessive underarm sweating, so you do not have to. After 36 years of failing to find a treatment that worked for him, he worked with the boffins and formulated a unique Antiperspirant that worked. Now you can use it too and feel the confidence gained from having dry armpits.


  • Will stop YOUR excessive armpit sweating or your £17.99 back.
  • Extra Strong, Maximum strength, Clinically Proven Antiperspirant.
  • UK formulation and UK made.
  • Unlike other strong antiperspirants SWEAT GUARD® formulation technology ensures maximum sweat stopping WITHOUT skin irritation.  
  • Fragrance-free so it does not clash with your favourite fragrance and is suitable for even those whose skin is hypersensitive to fragrances.
  • Large Size: 50ml (66% more than other Antiperspirants in this category).
  • If you are not happy for any reason, return to us within 14 days and get your £17.99 back.
  • Private - mailing bag has no mention of what is inside.

Don't forget all SWEAT GUARD® products are supported by our specialist UK based support team who can help you get dry.

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Banish underarm sweat patches with SWEAT GUARD's antiperspirant roll on.

SWEAT GUARD® Underarm Antiperspirant - Roll On 50ml