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Extreme Sweat & Odour | Effective Solutions

Say goodbye to embarrassing sweat and odour! Discover SWEAT GUARD®'s innovative solutions for excessive sweating and body odour. Shop now!

SWEAT GUARD® Extreme provides the Ultimate in Excessive Sweating and Body Odour protection.

Stops Excessive Sweating & Extreme Body Odour when you need it, wherever you need it

Advanced formula product which specifically targets body odour


From €29,22

The Best Antiperspirant for providing relief from menopause and perimenopause symptoms

Iontophoresis machine for prevention of excessive armpit, hands and feet sweating.

Triple absorbency, stops unsightly underarm sweat stains and prolongs the life of your clothes

Handmade, deodorant soap bar with natural essential oils. A Unique formula for people with excessive sweating and body odour.