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by Erica Jago •

Stay Dry Sustainably: SWEAT GUARD goes greener

At SWEAT GUARD, we believe in being fussy and pushing the envelope. We strive to improve our products, services and our practices wherever we can to benefit you, our valued customer. Whether it’s continual research into bringing you the best anti sweat and anti odour products. Or looking at sustainable practices in how we present our products to you. We'd like to share our humble journey, the steps we have taken towards becoming more fussy, wild and eco-conscious.   Sustainability and Plastic Reduction Our goal is to reduce plastic within the SWEAT GUARD range, while maintaining our commitment to keeping you dry. We have recently changed our antiperspirant bottles to bio plastic ones. Our new bottles are 100% recyclable and contain 78% bio plastic. These new bottles are manufactured from wild sugar cane, a renewable plant source, which requires less energy compared to traditional plastic production methods. These new roll-on bottles also have the benefit of a larger and easier to use roller ball  What we haven’t changed though is what’s inside. The same tried and tested clinically proven antiperspirant and deodorants you love and trust. But now in a more environmentally responsible “wilder”, sustainable and easier to use bottle. We will phase in these new bottles gradually over the next few weeks.    Labelling with Nature in Mind The labels on our sugar cane bio plastic bottles are made from Natureflex. Natureflex, is a natural material produced from wood pulp sourced from managed plantations. This is a biodegradable and compostable natural material minimising the impact on the environment. Even the adhesive used in our labels is biodegradable and compostable, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.   You don’t need to waste time removing the label, just pop the whole bottle into the correct recycle bin. No more worries, you can feel good about playing your part in looking after nature.   Eco-Friendly Packaging for a Cleaner Tomorrow  Our commitment to the environment extends to all our packaging materials. The cardboard postal box your products come in is recyclable. Making it easier for you to take part in responsible waste management right from your doorstep.   Together, We Make a Difference to Our Planet In conclusion, our eco-credentials are a testament to our shared commitment to sustainability. When you choose SWEAT GUARD, you're choosing a win-win solution. Not only are you reducing the use of plastic, you are recycling too! Helping make the world greener.  Together, we're making a positive impact, one step at a time. When you choose SWEAT GUARD, you choose to be a part of something bigger—a journey towards not only becoming dry but also a more sustainable and responsible future for all. Using recyclable and biodegradable materials does not compromise the effectiveness of SWEAT GUARD antiperspirants.   Thank you for being a part of our mission!